Mil-Spec Wire



We go through a lot of Mil-Spec wire for assembling our various products.  We buy in large quantities and we want to pass these saving on to our customers.  

Few sources offer M22759/16 Mil-Spec aircraft hook-up wire in colors.  SPT carriers the most popular gauge sizes in several colors.  Check out the wire gauge sizes, colors and pricing and you will want SPT to be your source for Mil-Spec aircraft wire.

All wire (except the 3-conductor 24 gauge shielded wire and the RG142 Coaxial Cable) listed below is unshielded, Tefzel coated and meets the M22759/16 Mil-Spec.  

All the wire is prepackaged and is only available in the lengths shown below.

Wire Gauge Color Part Number Length Price
22 White 22ga-white 100'  Call for best
22 Black 22ga-black 100' price!
22 Red 22ga-red 100'  
22 Blue 22ga-blue 100'  
20 White 20ga-white 100'  
20 Black 20ga-black 100'  
20 Red 20ga-red 100'  
20 White/black 20ga-white/bla 100'  
18 White 18ga-white 100'  
18 Black 18ga-black 100'  
18 Red 18ga-red 100'  
16 White 16ga-white 100'  
16 Red 16ga-red 100'  
16 Black 16ga-black 100'  
14 White 14ga-white 25'  
10 White 10ga-white 25'  
24 3 conductor shielded 24ga-3cond 25'  
RG142  Coaxial cable RG142 25'